For clinicians

Please note that we only perform molecular analyses on samples for which we got detailed clinical and biological data that help us analyze the appropriate gene set. The genetic study has to be prescribed by a senior and clearly identified consultant or genetic counselor (department/hospital, address, email and phone number are required).

An informed consent is mandatory. This document has to be signed by the patient (or her/his parents or legal representative(s)) and by a senior consultant to whom the result will be sent.

Please contact the lab before sending samples for genetic analysis by following the procedure below.


Contact one of the MD/PharmD in charge of the analyses listed below if you send us a sample for the first time (some analyses may require further investigations before genetic testing).


Download and fill in:

  • one consent form
  • one of the clinical forms below for each family member
  • one prescription form (when indicated)


Send two 5 mL EDTA blood samples (2 mL for kids).

Samples have to get to the lab before Friday noon. Join forms to the shipment.

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